We offer lessons 7 days a week. Our students aren't just taught a dance, they are taught how to dance.

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Mistalocks Chicago Style Steppin’ is an organization born out of the desire of one individual to dance and promote the "Art” of dance.

Mistalocks Chicago Style Steppin’ is dedicated in particular to the promotion and propagation of Chicago "Steppin", a dance art form which incorporates both the culture and lifestyle of those on the "Steppin" scene, past, and present, in Chicago and across the country.

Mistalocks Chicago Style Steppin’ promotion of "Steppin" is achieved through classes & workshops in Metro-Detroit and abroad.

Mistalocks Chicago Style Steppin’ also offers training in Detroit Style Ballroom, Detroit Style Bop, Detroit's Graystone, Chicago Walkin', Salsa and more...

Mistalocks goal is not to teach you a dance, we teach you how to “Dance”.


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Here are 5 Top Qualities Of An Amazing Steppin' Dance Instructor.

1.) How to be patient with you, and help you move forward. - As Beginner Steppin' Dancer it may take you a while to pick up the overall style of Steppin'. Your Steppin' Dance teacher should move at a pace that you can keep up with and be open to helping you with questions that you may have a long the way.

2.) How to create a positive and cool atmosphere. - As beginner Steppin' dancer you probably are a little nervous about stepping in to a beginner Steppin' dance class. Your teacher should be welcoming and friendly, setting an open and warm environment that allows you to be at ease and enjoy the learning process and have fun.

3.) How to challenge you just enough to get you to the next level. - Even though you’re a beginner Steppin' dancer you want to be pushed to reach levels that you never thought you could achieve. Your beginning Steppin'dance teacher should do this without putting too much pressure on you making you frustrated.

4.) How to break down awesome choreography by using counts. - Beginning Steppin' dance move are broken down in countable patterns. Counting is the blueprint to learning Steppin' dance moves and putting them to rhythm. Your beginning Steppin' teacher should be able to guide through your beginning Steppin' moves with counts making it easier for you to learn how to dance.

5.) How to keep you and entertained focused throughout class. - Your beginning Steppin' dance teacher should have energy that is through the roof and should keep you pumped though out your entire beginner Steppin' dance class.

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Saturday Open Dance Matinee

1pm to 5pm

Note: Mistalocks' "Open Dance” are for the dance students and practioners to have a healthy environment that will encourage the growth of their dancing and socializing. Mistalocks doesn't teach during this session.

Cost: $5 (non-member) / $3 (Current - Member)


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